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practical course / visits

The ASA-children's home is an ideal place to get to know about the life of the people in rural India. Visitors are always welcomed, as long as they respect the local situation and the cultural characteristics of South India. ASA ist not a tourist attraction. To help to respect these aspects we have established some rules for visitors:

1. Visits are only possible if confirmed with the chairman of the ASA e.V. Germany. He will send a recommendation letter to the director of ASA-Aramboly who will officially invite.

2. Visits which last longer than 3 days, should cooperate together with ASA for support of their aims.

3. A visit can also be a social practical course in the children's home or in the village hospital. Practitioners of other professions (farming, handcrafts, housekeeping or medical) are also welcomed.

4. A practitioners salary will not be payed. The visitor lives at his own costs and has to pay a daily fee to ASA.

5. Liabilities towards Annai Seva Ashram in India or ASA e.V. in Germany are excluded.

For further details you can download our practitioners guide.

Regulations for visitors and trainees