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Aims and tasks of ASA e.V.


1. Assistance in the care, education and reintegration of the orphans.

2, Regular contacts and meetings with our friends in India.

3. Aid to self-sufficiency to make ASA capable of independence.

4. Support village development programmes in health and education.

5. Promotion of the communication between nations.

6. Information of the results of our co-operation.



1. Transfer of money for ASA, as a contribution to cover the costs of the children's home, the village hospital and the farm. The amount is determined by the members of ASA e.V.

2. Regular meetings of the association with information and discussion about the present situation in ASA.

3. Participation on excursions and arranging work camps to deepen the communication with our friends in India and to develop new ideas for the continuing co-operation.

4. At public meetings we want to create a better understanding for the situation in India.

5. Establish contacts and exchange experiences with similar projects and associations.


Information stall at the City-Festival in Esslingen