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What is ASA e.V.?

"ASA e.V." means "Association to support the Annai Seva Ashram".

The word "Annai" comes from the Tamil language and means "mother".

"Seva" means "to serve the people in need", and the term "Ashram" in India is understood as a "partnership for life".

Because of new rules for children's homes in India, ASA is run as Day Care Centre from August 2015 onwards.

ASA contiues to take care of destitute children and their families.

The association ASA e.V. Germany is charitable, donations are tax-deductible, and members work on a honorary basis.

We support

- the destitute children in education and vocational training

- the poor families to send their children to school instead for work

in Aramboly, Tamil Nadu in South India.