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1997 medical care

Dr. Suresh Kumar untersucht einen Patienten. In der Dorfklinik: Manimekalai und Sameena, die beiden Krankenschwestern.
Dr. Suresh Kumar examines a patient. Manimekalai and Sameena the two nurses.

Knowing of the poor hygenic conditions and shortness of medical supplies in rural India, ASA decided to establish an out-patient village hospital. This was realized together with the panchayat and the village people.

The hospital and the free medical camps (twice a year) were gratefully welcomed by the village people.


In the meantime, the village hospital has become too small. Rooms for stationary treatment, sanitary installations and simple laboratory equipment are urgently needed.

In a joint venture with our partners in India it was decided to build a new village hospital at Layam. The villagers provide the ground and the workers for the building construction. The association to support ASA e.V. has agreed to finance the hospital building and the basic equipment. The new building should be realized in 2004/2005.